Win-Leader Corp. - Educational Products

Win-Leader’s objective is to develop lasting partnerships with our customers.  For us, this means providing outstanding services that will increase customer loyalty and value.  For you, this means a One-Stop-Shopping experience.  This will allow you not only to save time but also money by consolidating a number of your vendors, number of sales reps, number of purchase orders, receiving, and payables, thus freeing up your time to better manage your business.

Customer Focused: 

Win-Leader has sales reps and agents covering a large portion of the country.  We can sit down one-on-one to provide the personal touch or communicate electronically in a timely manner.  We take pride in our quick response times to all inquiries and issues.  We are committed and dedicated to go the extra mile to meet your needs.


We strive to have enough inventory to meet every order - with over half a million dollars’ worth of inventory at any given time your order can be processed in an efficient and timely manner.  We treat inventory as an investment, not a liability.  Let us take the risk out of stocking excess inventory at your location.

Shipping Methods:

We ship to all regions within Canada.  We can ship orders on your courier account or bill you the freight on your invoice as we have negotiated aggressive rates with both our courier and LTL partners.

Other Benefits: 

Win-Leader has a full range of products proactively warehoused on site.  There is no minimum order to fulfill .  We have no additional or hidden handling fees.  To ensure we meet all our customers’ distinctive needs we are continuously building a broader range of brand name products.  When possible, we offer specials and opportunity buys where we pass the extra savings on to you.